Alcohol addiction detox tips

Alcohol addiction rehab advices and some UK rehab centres ideas? Benzodiazepines (tranquilizers) are the main treatment for symptoms of withdrawal, like the shakes, and are also key to preventing and treating delirium tremens (DTs). 2? You may be given beta-blockers to reduce your heart rate and anti-seizure medications in case you do go into the DTs.3? Your healthcare provider may also suggest vitamins and dietary changes help with your withdrawal symptoms.

If your mood swings are getting to the point where you are unable to rest, see your doctor if you aren’t already under medical supervision. They may be able to prescribe you some short term medication to help you through the withdrawal period. A psychologist can also help, as there are many psychological techniques you can use to calm your nervous system, and challenge the negative thoughts that come along with feelings of depression and anxiety. If your mood changes are severe, last longer than your other withdrawal symptoms, or include thoughts of harming yourself or suicide, seek support immediately. As with anxiety and depression, feelings of fatigue are common and normal among people withdrawing from drugs and alcohol. Your body has to recover from the damage that drugs and alcohol do, as well as from lifestyle factors that go along with alcohol and drug use, such as sleep deprivation and sleep disturbance, over-stimulation, and damage to your organs.

How Do I Get Into Rehab? If you are tired of your drinking habit and believe rehab is the best course of action for you, you should call Serenity Centres on 0203 151 1280 or email today. We can discuss the best way forward for your condition and offer free advice about our alcohol rehabilitation centres and which location you prefer, as well as other private rehab centre options, alcohol support groups and NHS services in your area. If we do come to the joint agreement that attending a rehab centre is the best option for you, we can also pick you up from anywhere and take care of everything to make the process as non-stressful for you as possible. With our free no-obligation helpline, the days of wondering whether an alcohol rehab near me even exists are over. Find extra info on Rehab Clinics.

Going ‘cold turkey’ or suddenly drinking no alcohol at all can cause serious alcohol withdrawal symptoms if you were drinking heavily before. Physical alcohol withdrawal symptoms including trembling hands, sweating, headache, nausea, vomiting, palpitations and lack of appetite are less common, but are often a sign that the sufferer was drinking at worrying levels. Severe physical side effects include convulsions, confusion, fever and even hallucinations. If you experience physical withdrawal symptoms of any kind, you should see your doctor as soon as possible. Your doctor may be able to prescribe medication that can help with alcohol withdrawal symptoms, and will be able to refer you to a specialist alcohol team for support. They can also offer counselling and psychological support, and can put you in touch with local support groups to help you stay on track.

Alcohol abuse and alcoholism don’t necessarily go hand in hand. Because of this, signs of alcoholics can sometimes be easy to miss. Serenity Addiction Centres are world leaders when it comes to the treatment of alcohol addiction and dependence. This is why we share these alcohol addiction facts to make sure you are as informed as possible and to help you decide whether or not you need to come to us for help. Once we have successfully helped a client detox, we work on a specialised recovery plan that is tailored to each specific patient and their needs. See more details on Alcohol Detox Centres.